sheboygan-wisconsinSheboygan has two nicknames: The City of Cheese, Chairs, Children & Churches and Bratwurst Capital of the World. Fisrt of all, you can tell immediately that Sheboygan is going to be an interesting place to visit. It probably because the majority of white settlers were of German descent, and to a lesser extent, the Irish, that the bratwurst became widely available in the area and some say made Sheboygan famous. Residents and tourists alike celebrate Bratwurst Days annually, the highlight of which is the Johnsonville World Bratwurst Eating Championship.

Other nickname is also based partly on historical events. Furniture makers played a significant role in the local economy back in the day. Where cheese, children and churches come in is anybody’s guess!

Before European settlers came and the city was officially founded in 1846, it was the home of several Native American tribes, including the Chippewa, Ottawa, Menominee, Potawatomi, and Winnebago. The city’s name is an Indian term with various meanings, including “hollow reed” and “water passage.” In 1976, the first of the Hmong, three families of refugees from Laos, settled in Sheboygan. By 2000, the Hmong population is 4,168, about 10% of the total population (48,775 in 2014).

Located near Lake Michigan and Sheboygan River, the total area is 14.11 square miles, and has warm, humid summers reaching record highs of 107°F, and very cold winters reaching record lows of –25°F.

The celebrities that were born or lived in Sheboygan include quite a few Wisconsin state senators, assemblymen, legislators, governor (Walter J. Kohler, Sr.), and sports figures. The 1950s all-girl singing quartet The Chordettes of “Lollipop” and “Mr. Sandman” fame all hailed from Sheboygan.

Things to Do Around Sheboygan
Aside from Bratwurst Days, Sheboygan also hosts an annual Hmong Summer Festival, and Dairy Surf Competition (lake surfing competition). There is currently one hike and bike trail along Highway 23, one created along what was once the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad, and one opened in 2016 along Taylor Drive.

Among the points of interest that will interest residents and tourists alike include Above and Beyond Children’s Museum, Bookworm Gardens, John Michael Kohler Arts Center, Sheboygan Hmong Memorial, and the Stefanie H. Weill Center for the Performing Arts. Head on over to the lakefront to DeLand Park, and you can see the doomed schooner Lottie Cooper, which was wrecked just off the Sheboygan harbor in 1894.

Old Home, New Bathroom

The client has lived in the home, built in the 1950s, for many years, and had thought about remodeling the guest bathroom for some time. The house was old, but was in very good condition and was classically designed, so only minor improvements were necessary. However, he disliked the ceramic tiles in the guest bathroom and wanted it completely redone. He wanted the bathtub replaced with a shower, and the vanity relocated and the top replaced with stone.

Choosing the Stone

Based on the color scheme, Green Galaxy granite was choosen. After a visit to the showroom, however, the client chose the Black Magic granite, which was also an excellent choice. The client had already purchased a decorative sink and fixtures in brass, which would look fantastic with the Black Magic. The client also wanted the standard 4 inch backsplash in the same material. The Black Magic granite was in stock in the remnant pile, and there would enough for both the vanity and backsplash, so we were able to give the client a significant discount. He accepted the quote immediately and paid a deposit there and then, and we promised to send in the fabricator as soon as the contractor gave the go signal.

Installing the Granite

We were finally able to send in the fabricator to make the template, and it only took a day to transfer it on to the stone pieces. We sent in a worker to make the support structure for the stone, and we were able to deliver, install, and seal the vanity top and backsplash shortly after that. We advised the contractor and client against touching or putting any object on top of the vanity until the next time so that the seal would cure properly.

After Installation

The client was very pleased with the look of the Black Magic in his new guest bathroom. The striations and large crystals of tawny brown against the black and the mellow gleam of the brass sink and fixtures gave the bathroom an air of quiet elegance. He expressed a desire of replacing the vanity top in the master bathroom with the same stone, and asked us for a quote. We were very happy to accommodate his request, but explained that because the stone we used was a remnant, we will not get the same look from another Black Magic granite slab. He was perfectly fine with it, and promised to get in touch in a few weeks.

Customer service is a priority

We strive very hard to give our customers the best experience possible when they work with us. We are always happy when we have an opportunity to give them a fantastic deal. Using stone remnants for small projects benefits the client, because we can give huge discounts for that, and it also helps the environment because it means maximizing the use of the quarried stone. It does mean smaller income for us, but the loss is worth the sparkle in the client’s eyes when we quote them a great price for their project. It also pays back in the end because a satisfied customer is a repeat customer.

We at Wisconsin Granite put customers first at all times. We guarantee the quality of our stones, whether locally sourced or imported from Brazil, India, or Italy. We also demand the same high quality assurance from our suppliers of engineered quartz and sinks, so you can be sure you will have no cause to regret your decision to go with us.

Contact us to get a free quote for your kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities. We will not disappoint you.


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