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We are licensed and insured to install kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities as well as sinks and fixtures. However, we are not licensed to do any plumbing (or electrical) work, so you will have to get a licensed professional to do this for you after we have finished our part.

Barring any extraordinary circumstance, installing stone countertops should not take more than 10 days after a template has been made. This is to allow for construction of the support structure (if necessary), fabrication and delivery of the stone. Installation itself only takes a few hours, so our installers will only disrupt your lives for that much time.

In most cases, previously installed cabinet supports are strong enough to handle natural stone countertops, unless the materials have been compromised in some way, i.e, wood has rotten away. In such cases, we will need to replace it. If you choose quartz stone, however, it may be necessary to add support, as quartz stones tend to be heavier than natural stone. We will determine these things when we come to inspect the work area, and inform you as soon as possible.

Granite, as well as other natural stones, do produce tiny amounts of radon gas. However, it is nowhere near enough to cause harm to humans, especially if it is in a well-ventilated area. You may be in more danger from the soil around your home, which produces far more radon gas, and may permeate into enclosed spaces such as your garden shed or basement.

Properly sealed granite will not encourage the growth of bacteria, so it is safe to use for food preparation. Even in an unsealed state, granite is resistant to bacterial growth, but we do recommend sealing just to be on the safe side. Sealing also keeps your granite countertops looking nice by preventing stains.

We recommend resealing natural stone countertops once a year as a precaution. High quality granite sealants are commercially available, and easy to apply following the manufacturer’s instructions. If you want to test if your seal is still intact, try the water test. Pour 1/4 cup of water on the surface and wait a few minutes. If the stone darkens, then you need to reseal it.

It depends on the length or “run” of the countertop. If it is more than 118″ and you choose a quartz stone, then a seam may be necessary. Some granite slabs go up to 130″ so that might spare you a seam. However, if there is a bend in the countertops, then you will probably have a seam even if it is a short run, unless your overall width is 56″. We do make an effort to make seams inconspicuous by its position and precision cutting. You will have to look very closely to see it. We definitely do not place seams by the sink area or over any moisture producing appliance such as a dishwasher, as the moisture can cause the seams to open up.

No, but it does give your kitchen or bathroom a more finished look. It also protects your walls from moisture. You can opt not to have one, however, especially if you have tiled walls.
If you do decide to have one installed, it doesn’t have to go all the way up if your budget won’t stand it. The standard height is 4 inches. Another option is to have a different, cheaper stone for your backsplash, such as travertine or limestone. Just make sure it complements your countertops.

We do prefer that you come down to the showroom to look over the natural stone slabs we have available so you can see what it really looks like as a whole. Natural stone slabs are rarely uniform throughout the slab, so a sample may not be representative of the whole. However, if you are choosing a quartz stone, the samples should be sufficient to make an informed choice.

Edge profiles are the finishing touches to your stone countertop. You can choose a straight edge to keep it simple, or you can choose a more complex edge to make your stone countertop prettier. A mitered edge can make your slab look thicker than it really is. Note, however, that some edge profiles can add to your total cost. We can walk you through the different edge profiles that will go with your overall design and budget.

Getting a quote is made simple at Wisconsin Granite. Provide one of highly trained sales associates with appropriate dimensions of the countertop or vanity top, what type stone you would like, and by the end of the day a quote will be provided. You may also call us at (608) 838 – 4333.

We have to consider many factors before we can give you an initial projct cost estimate per square foot. We have to know the type of stone you want, how many cutouts you need, the edge profile, number of sinks, if you want backsplashes, and so on. For your convenience, we offer a free consultation and estimate. Contact us to schedule a home visit.

There are significant differences, as they are completely different categories of stone. Granite is an igneous rock formed from magma, marble is a metamorphic rock from the breakdown of limestone or dolomite, and quartz stone is a man made compound of minerals, usually quartz. Because of their composition and formation, they have distinct characteristics.


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