madisonskylineMadison is the capital city of Wisconsin, although the biggest city is actually Milwaukee. That is not unusual in the US, where only 17 states have their largest cities also being the capital. This is mostly due to the fact that many of these capital cities were the largest at the time the state became a state, or they were in the most strategic location. In the case of Madison, the city’s founder  former federal judge James Duane Doty lobbied aggressively in 1836 to have it chosen as the capital, going so far as to name it for President James Madison, who died that year, and naming the streets for the signers of the Constitution. Madison also happened to be in a central position relative to Milwaukee, Prairie du Chien, and the state’s oldest city of Green Bay.

The state government and University of Wisconsin-Madison provides many jobs for the 245,691 residents (as of 2014), but since the 1990s, there has been a decided shift to a more consumer-based economy, including forays into biotechnology, health, and advertising. The median income of the predominantly white (75.3%) population is $49,546, and median age is 31.3 years.

Some of the notable people that were born or had spent a considerable length of time living in Madison include architect Frank Lloyd Wright, artist Georgia O’Keefe, comic book artist Steve Rude, businessmen Oscar G. Mayer Sr. and Jr., Target Corp. Founder John Geisse, and a boatload of sports figures including NFL player Frank Baker, NHL player Marc Behrend, and many Olympic athletes.

Things to Do Around Madison

Madison has consistently made it on the list of the most livable cities in the US with its wide variety of sports and recreational activities available for all ages and low crime rate, so residents are set. However, if you are merely visiting Madison, there are some places you shouldn’t miss.

The Dane County Farmers’ Market at Capitol Square, open on Saturdays all year-round, is legendary. With more than 280 vendors offering homegrown produce, it is a must-visit if you are in Madison for the weekend, as well as on Wednesdays during the summer.  You should also check out the 16-acre Olbrich Botanical Gardens inspired by architect Frank Lloyd Wright. If you start getting a little peckish, drop by the University of Wisconsin’s Babcock Hall Dairy Store for a scoop of artisan ice cream, after which you can enjoy a free hour-long tour of the state’s Capitol  building with its granite dome.

For those hankering for more physical activities, you can always rent a boat or kayak to traverse the many lakes in the area, or rent a bike to explore the trails. All that should leave you ready to enjoy the varied cuisines in the numerous chef-owned restaurants in the city.

Young Family Wants New Countertops

The clients are a young family of four: husband, wife, and two children, 5 and 3 years old. They had bought a 760 square foot ranch-style end-unit condo built in the mid-1980s with 2 largish bedrooms and a full bathroom a few years ago. They had been working hard to do home improvements a little at a time to update the home, and had finally gotten to the kitchen. It was quite a large one in proportion to the size of the home, and generally in good condition, although it looked old. The counters were laminates, and had also begun to show its age. The homeowner wanted them all replaced with granite to match the new floors of the dining room and kitchen.

We were called in to do an estimate, and upon ocular inspection, we suggested they avail of our special deal using a Juperana  Bordeaux granite, which would go very well with their new floors.  The vibrant colors of that particular granite would bring life into the kitchen, and update its look without having to do anything more drastic. The clients were very excited about the stone when they saw it up close in the warehouse, and wanted it done as soon as possible. We agreed on a project price and scheduled a date to have the fabricator come in to make the templates.

Installing the Granite

We agreed with the clients that granite was the perfect stone for the kitchen, and recommended the Juperana Bordeaux granite because it would look great in that kitchen, was in stock, and would mean a shorter waiting time for the clients. Of course, we showed them the other slabs available in the warehouse, and there were a lot to choose from. We import directly from the quarry, so some of our slabs are not available elsewhere in Wisconsin. However, the clients decided to go with the Juperana Bordeaux.

Since the granite slabs were in stock, it only took a few days from templating to fabrication. Once we had removed the old counters and put in additional support for the granite countertops, it was a matter of a few hours to install the new sink, countertops, and backsplash. The clients had a “new” kitchen by the end of the week.

After Installation

The young wife was ecstatic when she saw the major difference the new countertops had made to the kitchen. Even the cabinets and appliances seemed to look newer, although they had not been replaced.  We had also included a new sink in the package, which contributed the new look for old.

The Juperana Bordeaux was an excellent choice for that kitchen, because it received a lot of natural light, which picked out the lighter shades and made the counters appear to glow slightly. We regularly hand-select and import granite slabs from different parts of the world including Italy, Brazil, and India, and this particularly granite was very nice. Our clients were certainly extremely pleased with the finished product, which is what we strive for at all times.

Customer Satisfaction Assured

We at Wisconsin Granite want our customers to get more than they expect from our granite countertops, and we work very hard to achieve this.  Time and again we ensure 100% customer satisfaction from our clients in the Madison area as well as many other locations in Wisconsin.

We don’t stop at the kitchen or granite countertops, however. We also offer marble and quartz stone tops for the bathroom as well as high-quality sinks from Blanco and Artisan.

Trust the professionals at Wisconsin Granite to treat you right. Whatever your particular bathroom and kitchen remodeling needs are in Wisconsin, we can help make it easier, more affordable, and better than you dared expect.


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