sun-prairie-wisconsinThe story about how the city of Sun Prairie got its name is quite charming. A group of men commissioned by then President Martin Van Buren to build a capitol for Wisconsin in Madison had a miserable time of it in 1837, slogging through rain for days. The sun finally came out as they got to a prairie, a welcome sight. Sun Prairie came into being when one of the men in the party, Charles Bird, came back two years later to be the first settler. Sun Prairie was a village for the longest time, and only became a city in 1958.

Sun Prairie stretches over 12 square miles of gently rolling hills, and is about 300 meters above sea level. Ironically, Sun Prairie occasionally experiences flooding because of its proximity to Koshkonong Creek and hydric soil. The summers are quite warm and humid, peaking at 82°F in July. The winters are quite cold, going down as far as 7°F in January.

As of 2014, the total population of Sun Prairie is 31,752, a 55.9% growth from 2000 and is predominantly white (84.5%). The median age is 33.9 years, younger than the Wisconsin median of 39. The median household income as of 2013 is $64,776, much higher than the state median of $51,467, with a slightly lower than average cost of living.

Notable notables born or resided at some point in the city of Sun Prairie or the nearby town of the same name include artist Georgia O’Keeffe, several state politicians, and actresses Paige Davis and Brittani Ebert, both of whom were born elsewhere but attended school in Sun Prairie. Professional race car driver Nathan Haseleu is a natives, while Tom Bigelow began his racing career at the Badger Midget Racing Association, held at the Angell Park Speedway.

Things to Do Around Sun Prairie

You would think that since nk that since Sun Prairie is the Groundhog Capital of the World according to the United States Congressional Record that it would be the setting for the movie Groundhog Day starring Bill Murray. In fact, the tradition began in Pennsylvania in the 18th Century, and the largest celebration is with Punxsutawney Phil the groundhog in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, where the movie is set, although the actual filming was done in Woodstock, Illinois, Nevertheless, Sun Prairie observes the celebration with its own resident groundhog Jimmy.

The city also holds an annual Taste of the Arts fair coincidentally with the Georgia O’Keeffe Celebration and a Flags of Freedom Field Show where high school marching bands engage in competition. For a corny time, make sure to visit in mid-August when the city holds its Sweet Corn Festival,
Blues for kitchen counters.

The client had bought a beautiful 1,800 square foot home in the east side with three bedrooms and 4 bathrooms as a gift for his daughter, who had just passed the bar exams. Her young family is currently living in a rented apartment. It was a well-maintained home, and had a large backyard. However, the client disliked the powder blue quartz countertop of the kitchen and wanted it replaced with granite before his daughter moved in. He contacted us for an estimate.

Choosing the granite

We visited the home to get an idea of the general color scheme and to take measurements. The kitchen and dining had an open floor layout, and most of the dining room furniture was made of rich cherry wood. The kitchen had maple cabinets, stainless steel appliances, and beech panel flooring, and nowhere in the home was there a hint of blue to explain the color choice for the kitchen countertops. We invited the client to our showroom to choose the granite he wanted.

He picked out the San Luiz and the Red Dragon, and tried to get a feel for these two very different flavors. He finally decided to go bold with the Red Dragon granite top and standard backsplash. He was very pleased when we informed him that it was part of our Special Deal program at $39 per square foot. We advised the client to choose a straight edge to save time, and he agreed. We gave him the cost estimate, which included a standard sink, and he accepted, provided we could get it done before his daughter is moved in. The move was in four days. We had our work cut out for us!


We scheduled templating and demolition for the next day to get the project started. Templating takes time, because the cutouts and seams have to be precise. There is no second take with granite. Fabrication is also tricky for the features of the Red Dragon because the seams have to line up perfectly. While the fabricator made his minute adjustments prior to cutting, the work crew removed the old countertops and inspected the existing support structures for the sink and granite. It was adequate for our needs, so they cleaned up the kitchen in preparation for the new stuff.

Installing the stones

The fabrication of the countertops went without a hitch, but we ran into trouble with the backsplash because we didn’t have quite enough to cover the necessary areas. A diligent staff member went through the remnant stores, and found an appropriate piece just as we were about to inform the client about the problem. Sigh of relief! We were able to deliver all the stones and the sink the next morning as scheduled, and they were duly fitted, installed, and sealed by lunchtime.

Post Installation

We were glad that the client realized the meticulous work that went into making the seams almost invisible by expressing his amazement. He liked the new granite very much, and tended to be self-congratulatory on picking the exotic Red Dragon over the safer San Luiz. He commented that it would probably look just as good in his own kitchen.

Special Deals are Our Specialty

At Wisconsin Granite, special deals doesn’t mean cheap looking products. All our granite slabs are hand-picked for its quality and beauty, and special deals only means we delight in giving our clients the best deals we can offer whenever possible. We are constantly adding new items to our stock, so you can be sure you will find what you need in our showroom. Contact us for a free estimate for any of your stone countertop needs.


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