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Wisconsin Granite countertops are popular choices for today’s kitchen and bath remodels. They add beauty and style and are a sure way to increase a home’s value. The kitchen is one room in the house that every family member uses multiple times on a daily basis. Everyone uses the kitchen sink for cooking, cleaning, washing and drinking.

Marble can be used for Kitchen Countertops. Marble is a functional but unfortunately slightly less durable countertop material than granite. Granite counters are typically a must-have feature of today’s homebuyers. Granite countertops are smooth, and a seal protects the stone beneath it. Glossy finishes add flair and brighten up the room.

In a wet-bar area, a granite countertop speaks of prestige. Satin finishes are more intimate and personal.

The kitchen is one room in the house that every family member uses multiple times on a daily basis. Everyone uses the kitchen sink for cooking, cleaning, washing and drinking. Marble can be used for Kitchen Countertops. Marble is a functional but unfortunately slightly less durable countertop material than granite. Granite is the most popular choice for kitchen counter tops, especially when the size your budget isn’t a consideration.

As a fabricator Wisconsin Granite’s inventory is the largest in Milwaukee and Madison, WI. This allows us to take on residential and commercial projects from the smallest to the largest scales. Over the years, we have done large quantity projects that involved mass installations in luxury apartments, hotels, restaurants buildings, and more. Our clients include Famous Familigia (Mitchel International Airport), La Cage Bar (Downtown), Italian Pasadino Restaurant, Massage Envy (Brookfield), California Pizza (Bay Shore Mall) , Red Lampster (Greenfield) and Victory Homes ( Parade of Homes,Grafton August 2011), Paris Stone, TFK Homes, B&B Constructions, Mukwonago Remodeling and more..
Selection: Wisconsin Granite & Tile Depot is a one stop state of art shop for all your natural stone needs. At our three locations, we have over 1000 slabs in over 100 colors. This allows for virtually limitless possibilities when choosing colors from your basics like Venetian Gold, to the most exotic stones that you cannot find anywhere else! All of our stones are top quality and inspected by our stone experts. Natural stone has been the building material of choice for centuries, so it is not surprising that to this day, it is used by architects and builders worldwide in various capacities. When working on any projects, it is important to know the properties of the materials, which will be used. This is where Wisconsin Granite & Tile Depot comes in with its natural stone database. Not only can you check the physical properties of hundreds of stones, but you can also request samples of them. You can choose from hundreds of stones in one, convenient portal

Pricing: Wisconsin Granite & Tile Depot has competitive prices. However, unlike some of our competition, we only buy and use premium quality stones. Since we import our inventory directly from quarries all over the world, we can ensure a product without the imperfections of commercial quality stones at prices without a commercial. One of our policies is to price match any written quote from another local well-established company, because we feel you deserve the best service…and we can give you that. Don’t just take our word for it; hear it from our happy customers!

Process: We offer all marble and granite countertop options and quartz surfaces as well as onyx and travertine tiles from our own quarries. At Wisconsin Granite & Tile Depot, you can pick the exact piece of stone and even work together with us on the layout. We want you with us every step of the way so there are no surprises.

We stand behind our words when we say, “From the slab showroom & fabrication facility to the kitchen in 10 -15 days. ” The clock starts when the estimate is given your ‘OK’. Step 1, our templating teams make precise measurements of the project to guarantee accuracy in fabrication. Step 2, the stones are cut and shaped. Step 3, our teams install, clean, and seal the countertops. As quickly as we started, the job is finished.

Sealer Program: We offer a 15 year sealer program that comes with an excellent guarantee from the manufacturer.

Sink & Faucet Collection: It is important when choosing a sink that you choose a brand name that comes with a warranty. We carry brand name sinks and faucets such as Blanco, Elkay and Artisan that come with limited lifetime warranties.

Customer Service: We are a local business who holds customer service in the highest regard. We have an experienced workforce, so that our customers receive the best service. Wisconsin Granite and Tile Depot provides the minimum turnaround time in Milwaukee and Madison, WI. Our state of the art machinery from the Pro-edge IV (automated edge maker) to the Deluxe Wizard (shaping stone and sink cut outs) to our Yukon II (automated saw) runs day and night to give homeowners and contractors a service they can depend on. As we are local, we can be there if you require any assistance.

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Remnants are left over pieces of granite, marble or quartz from various bundles and slabs.
MADISON Granite Deals, Specials & Remnants

If your considering natural stone for smaller projects around your home or workplace, a quartz, marble or granite remnant could save you big bucks! Granite Remnants are an excellent choice for smaller projects.

Wisconsin Granite remnants are as gorgeous and durable as the original slab and you are able to obtain them at a low cost granite price. Granite remnants are affordable and stunning. These pieces supply depth, durability and a great return on investment. So in a nut shell, when trying to on find Granite Remnants for Sale granite countertops, granite remnants supply the on best value for your dollar.

Wisconsin Home owners Choice:

Wisconsin-Milwaukee homeowners that insist on the best finishes for their residence can have custom fitted granite countertops added to their current kitchen to enhance its appeal. Granite countertop is a strong, beautiful and durable solid surface. There is very little that matches the performance and beauty of granite. For those that are building a new house the addition to creates a luxurious finish to their kitchen and bathrooms. Chosen for its strength and easy of cleaning up, granite is a solid surface that provides a lifetime of enjoyment to the well used kitchen’s in many Wisconsin-Milwaukee homes.

Wisconsin – MADISON Homeowners insist on quality and sophistication:

Available in a host of different colors with marbling that can highlight the cabinets and appliance options of any kitchen, granite adds a level of luxury to homes that are upgraded with the solid surface countertops. Reflecting the taste and sophistication of the homeowners who appreciate having the best, granite is the preferred choice of people that demand quality appointments throughout their home.

Easy to maintain because it is a solid surface that can be wiped off and cleaned up with very little effort, people chose granite as an ideal finish in their home. The hardened granite Wisconsin-Milwaukee homes use keeps germs and bacteria from growing and can be easily wiped off with an antibacterial cleanser. Requiring very little maintenance the clean granite countertops can even be used to prepare food when cooking as the surface is impermeable to the blade of a knife and offers the perfect surface for chopping, dicing, or carving.