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Wisconsin Granite is about making your home functional yet elegant. We specialize in supplying and installing quality stone products for use in countertops, vanities, and fireplace surrounds. We pride ourselves in exceeding client expectations each and every time within the budget and schedule.

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Beautiful granite and marble slabs have just arrived. Stop in today to view this premier selection! No appointment necessary.

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We work in conjuction with Blanco and Artisan. While you upgrade your counter, let us help you upgrade your sink.

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$39 sq.ft.

With 25 different exotic colors to choose from. We stock granite and marble from Brazil, Italy and India.

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We make our client’s comfort and satisfaction a priority. We focus on the most important rooms in the home: the kitchen, the bathroom, and the living room. We understand that homeowners have a need to express their own personalities when it comes to design, and we strive to turn their ideas into reality. The home is a sanctuary away from the stress and problems of the outside world.  Our clients want to come home to a place where they feel comfortable and at ease, which is why they are willing to spend considerable resources to making that happen. Our attitude is that the least we can do is to provide them with a pleasant and positive experience during their  build, renovation or remodel. It doesn’t matter if the project is big or small. We always put forth our best efforts for all our clients.

“Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well.” — Philip Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield




Our skilled workers are at the top of their game, and can get the job done super fast. When we come to work on your project, you can expect minimal disruption in your daily lives. We respond quickly to all your needs to minimize the stress of your remodel.

Our prices are so competitive for all our products and services our clients will have no need to go anywhere else. We are willing to work with any budget, and to provide cost-saving suggestions and advice to all our customers.

We make a point of making sure all our clients are completely satisfied with our products and services, which is why the bulk of our projects are direct referrals from past clients. We are known for great service, before and after sales.  Check out what our satisfied customers have to say about Wisconsin Granite.

We only use high quality products, from stone countertops to our construction materials, so our clients always get value for their hard-earned money.

We replenish our supply of stone products regularly, and we only work with companies with a good reputation for quality. Our showroom features a large variety of designs and colors, and our catalogues are updated to showcase the latest designs from the manufacturers. If we don’t have it in stock, nobody else does! Our stone countertops are available in both 2 cm and 3 cm thicknesses, but some stones are also available with higher thickness.

All our clients are entitled to the manufacturer’s warranty for their products, and we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction for the service.


We offer a myriad of high-quality natural stone and engineered quartz products to satisfy all needs. We offer:


You cannot go wrong with granite.

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You cannot go wrong with granite.

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You cannot go wrong with granite.

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You cannot go wrong with granite. The builders from ancient times used it for anything they wanted to last, including buildings and memorials. The reason it has been the most popular material for any work surface and countertop in the home for such a long time is because it is beautiful yet extremely durable and heat resistant, which makes it a great choice for fireplace surrounds. It is also perfect for bathroom and kitchen surfaces. No two granite slabs are exactly alike, so whatever you choose will definitely be one of a kind. Granite is one of the most plentiful stones on Earth, and was formed from over millions of years from cooled magma. Imagine having a piece of geologic history right in your home! It has been used for centuries to build monuments. 

Selecting the stone for your home

The biggest decision our clients ever make is choosing the right stone for their home. We can offer you many options for all budgets that suit your needs. It is simply a matter of consulting your own preference as well as responding to the demands of the overall design of the room. We will work with you or your designer to find the right stone for your needs, and advise you on other matters, such as edge profiles, backsplashes, and sinks that will suit your final selection.

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kitchen countertopsKitchen Countertops
Perhaps one of the most common uses of stone surfaces is for kitchen countertops. Stone is a natural choice for many homeowners because it is both functional and esthetically pleasing. A good quality kitchen countertop expertly fabricated and installed is often the star of the show in any kitchen.

bathroom vanity topsBathroom Vanities
The bathroom is always a tricky area for stone surfaces because of all the moisture. We can expertly install bathroom vanity tops that everyone can use on a daily basis and still look pristine. Our durable and elegant vanity countertops will give your bathroom a whole new look.

granite table stoneTables
Aside from kitchen and bathroom vanity tops, we fabricate and install table tops of any size suitable for any purpose. Stone tables look good in any room in the home, and work very well for outdoor use. We can produce any design of table tops that you want.

Fireplace SurroundsFireplace Surrounds
Fireplaces are an fantastic feature of any room. If you have one , you want to make sure that it is a showstopper. We offer fabrication and installation of durable and heat resistant fireplace surrounds that will look fantastic. We will assist you in choosing the appropriate type of stone for your fireplace remodel.


The process of getting awesome new stone surfaces for your home begins with selecting a variety of stones and the initial measurements for your free estimate. Once you have made your final selections, we will send a fabricator to create templates to ensure the stone is cut with precision. While waiting, we prepare the surface for the stone by creating the support structure. Once done, the stone will be installed on to your surface, polished, and sealed (if you chose a natural stone).  The next step is to enjoy your new stone surface!

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I would say, it was combination of good selection of granite, as well as the people there. They were very very helpful. We were also very satisfied with the installation process. We were very happy with professionalism of the staff there. Workmanship was excellent. Really like it, gives the kitchen whole different look.

We were very happy with the result. Glad we went to Wisconsin Granite

Diane Flynn


We Bring Our Knowledge and Expertise to the Table.

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FAQ (material care, process, liability)

Typically, you can expect your new countertops to be ready for use in a a couple of weeks, depending on the availability of the stone you selected and the complexity of the project. In some cases, it can take as little as two days, or as long as one month.

The state of Wisconsin only requires a permit for renovations involving the laying of new plumbing or electricals, which is not usually the case when putting in countertops. 

Yes! We have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee for the service. However, the stone products and any other materials we may use for the project is subject to the warranties of the respective manufacturer.

You have no liability for our workers at all. We provide for their workers’ compensation and insurance as part of our  contract.

We offer the lowest prices in the market, starting at $39 per square foot, including installation. However, the cost can change depending on the stone you choose and other additional materials you may require.

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