Precision in Fabrication

Fabrication done right.

Wisconsin Granite invests in the latest equipment to fabricate your countertops because doing it the right way matters both to you and to us. Using the latest technology is essential in providing you with a job done well. You can rest assured, we’ve got you covered.

Digital Laser Measurement

Digital laser measurement of your countertop space is the most accurate way to measure your project, resulting in the best fit possible. The laser is set up on a tripod in your space where it scans your room and creates a drawing with accurate measurements we will use when making our cuts.

Digital Layout with Slabsmith™

A digital layout is an add-on feature for our customers. Every stone slab is photographed on a large green screen and calibrated for digital accuracy. After the digital laser measurement is complete, we’ll use Slabsmith™ Software to insert your countertop measurements onto the photo of the stone slab you selected. We’ll then digitally position the surface layout onto your chosen slab to create the best flow and seams. The layout will be emailed to you for approval, allowing you to see exactly what your countertops will look like.

*additional fee applies.

CNC Cutting with BACA Robo Sawjet

The BACA CNC Sawjet is the most technologically advanced stone cutting machine on the market today. Our robot uses saw and waterjet technology to cut your countertop stone accurately.