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Meet our newest team member, the powerful and precise Baca Robo SawJet

At Wisconsin Granite, providing the highest quality product to our customers is our top priority. To ensure we continue to meet and exceed our standards, we recently added a robot to our team! We are excited to announce, our newest addition, The Baca Robo SawJet.

Baca Robo SawJet

Why are we so excited? This robot allows Wisconsin Granite to perform precise and accurate cuts, resulting in amazing finished countertops. Happy customers are our goal, and this newest addition of technology was essential to providing the best to our customers.

Let’s get technical. How does this robot work?

Baca Robo SawJet

This is a state-of-the-art production robot that uses a saw and waterjet for precision cutting. Stone slabs are loaded onto the bed, which is filled with water. (If you’d like a mental picture, just think of a big waterbed like the ones from the 70’s.) The reason there is water in the bed of the Baca table is to support the stone and prevent the high-pressure waterjet from cutting through the floor. Yes, it is that powerful! The robot is controlled by a state-of-the-art computer system, which allows your exact countertop pieces to be laid out on the stone and cut using a combination of saw cutting and waterjet cutting, switching between the two methods when necessary.

Baca Robo SawJet

If you would like to see how this robot works, stop in and check it out! We would love to show it to you.

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