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How To Update Your Kitchen, Not Your Whole House

Ready to remodel your kitchen, but not your whole house? See how one homeowner remodeled her kitchen. The selections made resulted in an updated kitchen that remained cohesive with the rest of the home. Follow these steps when making selections for your kitchen remodel.

1 – Set Your Budget – A kitchen remodel is exciting but can be costly, especially if you find yourself saying “If I change this in my kitchen, then I will need to change this in my dining room.” Or “If I select this for my kitchen, then my family room flooring and décor need changing.” If staying on budget is important to you, then focus only on the kitchen. The temptation to expand the remodel to adjoining rooms is appealing but can become costly. When making selections for your kitchen remodel, keep in mind the rest of your home. This homeowner focused on remodeling her kitchen while keeping it cohesive with the rest of her home.

2 – Compliment Your Existing Woodwork – The color of your woodwork is important to consider when choosing what color cabinet and countertops to select. White woodwork offers a little more flexibility in selections than a stained wood color. With so many variations in wood finishes, it is important to understand the color of your woodwork. Do you have a warmer or cooler undertone? By understanding the color tone of your woodwork, you can complement your existing colors when selecting finishes for your remodel. Need help, talk to your local paint store to get a better understanding of your undertones. This customer had woodwork with warmer hues. When making selections, she used her existing wood color to guide her. A warmer color palette is trending in 2022. Natural stone countertops have always complimented a warmer color palette, while popular white quartz focused on more grey tones. In 2022, white quartz colors introduced warmer brown and gold-colored veining and pattern to meet the demand. Now customers have options in natural stone and quartz to compliment wood-stained cabinets. This customer selected a bright white quartz countertop with brown veining, complimenting the woodwork throughout her home.

3 – Evaluate Your Natural Light – Does your kitchen have a lot of natural light? If your space is darker and you choose a wood cabinet, brighten up your space by selecting a lighter countertop. This customer chose to brighten up her space with light countertops while adding some subtle warmth through the veining. If she had chosen a darker countertop color, the feel of the kitchen would’ve changed. Evaluating the natural light in your home is an important step to consider when remodeling your kitchen!

4 – Don’t forget your floor – Typical flooring options in kitchens are wood, engineered wood, laminate, or tile. Flooring adds another color to consider when making kitchen selections. This customer had oak wood floors. Her floor’s wood grain offered a couple of different tones of brown for her to consider. Notice how her cabinet color is pulled from the darker section of the floor, while the lighter section allows for some contrast with her cabinets. Imagine if she had selected a cool tone of grey for her cabinets and white countertops with grey veining, the cohesiveness with the rest of her home would’ve felt off.

5 – Look Beyond the kitchen – Look at how her remodeled kitchen blends perfectly with the rest of her home. Imagine if her cabinet and countertop selections were in a different color tone, what would that do to the overall cohesive feel of her home. Her mission-style home had beautiful woodwork throughout, and her selections throughout the kitchen remodel stayed true to the style of the home. From her cabinet selection, stain color, and accents of color in her white quartz countertop, she created a beautifully cohesive home.

Check out Dyson, this homeowner’s dog who loves the remodeled space, especially the quartz countertop where her treats are kept!

Use these steps to remodel your kitchen without having to change everything in your home. Create a timeless look that will last and last.

See our in-stock quartz and natural stone to get started with your selections:

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