5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Designing a Basement Bar

Do you have a space to watch the big game? Celebrate special events? Or enjoy a toast with family or friends? A basement bar is a great way to add value to your home while providing an epic entertainment space. Today’s basement bars are more than just a place to mix a drink and can be a multi-use space for kids’ birthday parties or watching the playoff game.


Why do you want a basement bar?

Before you begin the demo in your basement, think about how you want your new bar to be used. Will the bar be used strictly for mixing a drink, or do you want your unique space to allow for large group entertaining? Is your bar going to be where kids pull up a stool to do a craft or grab a slice of pizza? Create a list of what you want from your new space to help in the design process.

Will it be a wet or dry bar?

Do you want a sink in your bar? Having a sink in your bar is a great option but will add cost to your project. If you want to keep costs down by not having a sink, go with a dry bar. Plumbing will add substantially to your bar cost. However, a wet bar will even allow you to add a dishwasher since you already have done plumbing work.

What are the best countertops for my bar?

Quartz or Natural Stone, what is the best one to use for your bar? Both are good choices, but it is essential to understand the differences. Regarding natural stone bar tops, Granite or Quartzite are the top choices. Marble would be prone to etch and stain. A granite bar countertop can add a statement to your bar. There are many color variations of granite countertops, offering a wide selection to match many design palettes. Some granite or quartzite stones have a brushed finish: popular for basement bars. What is a brushed finish? It is not shiny and won’t reflect the overhead lights, providing a textured finish to the stone. Quartz Countertops offer a consistent finished look for your basement bar. Quartz is a manufactured product that is produced in a factory. Therefore, the overall look has an evenly patterned design. Natural stone is formed in the earth, and each slab is different.

Learn more about the differences between Granite vs. Quartz to help you in your decision.

What appliances do you want?

When planning your bar layout and design, knowing what appliances you want to fit in your bar is essential, which will help you select the correct sized cabinetry. No basement bar is complete without a wine cooler or beverage refrigerator. A full-size or mini fridge is essential for your basement bar. Some other fun appliances are an ice maker, coffee maker, blender, frozen margarita machine, dishwasher, and microwave. Do you plan on serving hot appetizers for the big game? A drawer oven would be a great add-on to your bar.

What add-on features can make your bar the talk of the neighborhood?

Let your creativity flow; the basement bar is the perfect place to add a personal touch.

Lights: A fun way to add character to your bar is with lights. An LED strip of lights can add a unique feature under your bar top or cabinets. LED lights are widely available and easy to install, offering many options, such as different colors and music-synced lights. Watching a football game? Match your lights with the team colors. Celebrating your child’s birthday? Light up the bar in their favorite color. If you plan on adding lights to your finished bar, have an outlet installed under cabinets or countertops for easy installation.

TV Wall: Plan on using your bar to watch all the big games? Design your bar around the featured TV wall. Perhaps, plan for custom-built cabinetry around your TV to maximize space. Prep the wall to hold the tv and keep all cords hidden behind the wall or cabinetry.

Hidden Room: Large pantry-style cabinet doors can open and lead you into a secret room. What would you do with the hidden room? A wine cellar or cigar room? The options are endless! Expand your living space and transform your basement with the ultimate bar. Inspired, get started today.

Expand your living space and transform your basement with the ultimate bar.

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