All About Marble


  • Marble is a natural stone that is quarried from the earth. The color and patterns in the stone are the results of millions of years of development.
  • Marble is a metamorphic rock, which means it is formed from pressure and heat. Marble comes from dolostone or limestone.
  • Marble has been used for thousands of years and can be found in iconic places around the world like the pyramids, sculptures, and buildings.


  • Marble is a stunning natural stone with many unique colors and appearances.
  • Marble is heat resistant.
  • Longevity if maintained properly.
  • A jaw-dropping stone, which will take center stage in your space.

Things to Consider

  • Marble is a soft stone, causing it to scratch and etch.
  • Marble is composed of calcium carbonate, which makes it susceptible to etching by any acid.
  • Marble is softer and more porous than granite, which can cause more scratches, pitting, cracks, stains, and even dulling of the shine.
  • A honed marble shows less etching and scratches than polished marble.
  • Some stains and etchings cannot be removed. However, a full resurfacing of the marble would help restore it. The resurfacing would need to be done by a professional and can be costly.
  • Marble requires sealing frequently and may need to be sealed up to 3 times per year or more. The stone must be inspected regularly to check if it is sealed properly. If water doesn’t bead up, the marble is not protected. Marble is susceptible to staining from cooking oils, red wine, and many other household items.
  • Marble is typically higher priced than quartz or granite.

Marble Care

A good philosophy to follow when cleaning marble: less is more. Be gentle with your marble. Daily Routine: a microfiber cloth with water only. Nice and simple! Don’t let spills sit on your marble, staining and etching can occur quickly, even if sealed.

Learn more about the care and maintenance of marble:

Sealing marble is a simple process. Wipe on and wipe off; that’s it.

Some marble requires more frequent sealing than others.